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Air Conditioning Energy Inspections & Reports

Albany Energy's Air Conditioning Assessors were among the first handful of engineers in the country to become fully qualified Air Conditioning Energy Assessors (ACEA) and have completed many inspections throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

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Local Energy InspectorsDo I need an Air Conditioning Energy Inspection & Report?

Legislation requires that ALL BUILDINGS with more than 12kw of air conditioning/cooling capacity are now required by law to have an Air Conditioning Energy Inspection. A Landmark registered report on each site has to be completed and lodged; these should have been completed by the 4th January 2011, however if this has not been undertaken we are able to help.

In the case of buildings with more than 250KW capacity the inspections should have been carried out by 4th January 2009. Again if this has not been undertaken we are able to help.

For qualifying buildings without evidence of an Air Conditioning Energy Inspection and Report there is a real risk of reoccurring fines.

Please contact us by email or telephone if you require assistance or need any clarification on possible exempt systems, such as dedicated server/comms room systems or dedicated process cooling systems.


Legal Requirements for Air Conditioning Inspections

Legal Requirements for Air Conditioning Inspections Albany Energy adheres to the air conditioning inspection legislation known as TM44, which is a necessary requirement enforced by the 'Energy Performance of Buildings Directive' (EPBD).

TM44 Inspection Schedule details systems that require inspections as follows:
• Existing systems over 12kw - Inspection to be completed by 4th January 2011
• New systems (installed after January 2008) over 12kw - Inspection to be completed within five years of installation

On site inspections to assess efficiency and energy use are carried out by Albany Energy in order to fulfil legal requirements. These inspections and subsequent reports offer guidance on being more energy efficient, often resulting in significant energy savings, CO2 savings and savings on energy bills.

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Not Just a Legal Requirement

An Air Conditioning Energy Inspection Report should not just be thought of as a Legal Requirement but should also offer clear and invaluable guidance on how to lower your energy bills by reducing energy consumption of the associated systems through improved operation and correct control.

The aim of the Air Conditioning Inspection Report is to:
• Provide building owners/operators with Information about system performance.
• Identify opportunities to reduce your CO2 emissions, save energy and money.

What happens after the Air Conditioning Inspection?

The output of the inspection will be a CLG approved report including appropriate Certificate and if required a further CIBSE report. All reports include and highlighting measures which, if adopted, will have the potential to save energy and money within a reasonable payback period. Air Conditioning Inspection reports will remain valid for five years and can often pay for themselves with a few months.

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What is an Air Conditioning Inspection?

What is an Air Conditioning Inspection? An Air Conditioning Energy Inspections allows your company or organisation to comply with European Directive legislation in place within the United Kingdom.

The air conditioning assessment itself is also being recognised as an excellent tool to help recognise energy and money saving opportunities. The initial cost of the air conditioning energy assessment is often recovered in just a few months when simple low cost measures are identified and implemented.

How can Albany Energy Limited help?

How can Albany Energy Limited help?
Albany Energy provides a comprehensive Air Conditioning Inspection service. Our team of experienced and accredited air conditioning inspectors and air conditioning surveyors have specialist training for air conditioning Inspections and are dedicated to ensure a timely and speedy delivery of your completed Air Conditioning Inspection Report and Certificate. If you would like more information regarding our air conditioning inspection service, require a quotation or would like to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.


'Even small improvements to the energy performance and the way we cool and heat our buildings
could have a significant effect on our fuel bills and carbon emissions'